3 Reasons For Parents To Convert Bathtubs Into Showers

2 August 2023
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As parents of children, you probably have a lot of experience giving children a bath in their early lives. While you may have fond memories of the bath, you may want to move on from the bath you currently have. As a parent, you will find many reasons to convert your bath into a walk-in shower. A professional tub-to-shower conversion can transform a bathroom space. 

Check out some of the reasons to choose a bathtub conversion and how that conversion can fit into your everyday lifestyle.

1. Older Children

At some point, your children will reach an end to their bath phase. As children transition to showers, you can provide a large and comfortable shower for them to get clean in. A professional tub-to-shower conversion can create a large shower with plenty of room to move around and get clean. A new shower can feature built-in shelves so each member of the family has their own space to put their items and keep everything organized.

2. Easy Step-In Options

As parents, you may have aches and pains you never experienced before you had children. Stepping over a large tub every day may feel exhausting. For kids who shower, stepping into a tub can create slip hazards. A shower offers easy walk-in options that offer minimal strain on the body.

If you want extra ways to relax, then you also have the opportunity to enjoy a shower seat. With a shower seat, you can sit down and relax without the need to fully lay down in a tub. Once the shower ends, you can easily step out without the need to bend your knees or cause pain in the hips.

3. Other Bathroom Expansions

If you have a growing family, then you may have other bathrooms in the home where you have tubs located. Additional bathrooms give you the opportunity to put tubs in those bathrooms and enjoy your own private shower. You can choose a shower that fits your vision and includes all the features you seek.

When you install another bathroom with a tub, the rest of the family can use that bathroom. With your own private shower conversion, you will have a place to shower, relax, and unwind when needed. The shower space will always be available, even if other family members are using the bathtub.

Choose the shower features you want when you select a professional tub conversion. The benefits will help you as a parent and make a big difference in your daily bathroom use.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about professional tub-to-shower conversions