2 Possible Safety Issues Caused By Driving A Car With A Chipped Windshield

28 June 2023
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Whether a hailstone fell on your car's windshield or the glass was struck by a flying stone, the projectile left a chip in the glass. Since you may find it only to be a minor annoyance and mar on the appearance of your car, you may feel that you can go without having it fixed. 

However, while the damage to the windshield may seem minor, it can wind up creating major problems. Below are a couple of the possible safety issues that are created when you continue to drive with a chipped windshield.

1. Visual Obstruction Created by the Chip in the Glass Will Worsen with Time

One potential safety issue caused by the chip in the glass of your car's windshield is that it creates a visual obstruction. Especially if the damage is on the driver's side of the vehicle, your eyes will be drawn to it while driving, or it could obscure your vision.

As time goes by, the broken glass surface within the chip will start to attract dust and grime, which will create an even worse visual obstruction as the dirt accumulates, making it hard to see smaller objects ahead if they are behind the chipped area. As soon as you see a chip, have a professional repair it to keep this accumulation of dirt from happening.

2. Weakening of the Glass Caused by the Chip Makes It More Likely to Crack and Shatter

Another possible safety hazard that is caused by a chipped windshield is that any damage to the glass will weaken it. Since the structural integrity of the windshield and its ability to withstand impact damage and high winds depends on the glass being strong, even a small chip can compromise its strength.

Because the glass is no longer at its full strength, it will be more likely to crack and shatter, which can be dangerous if this happens while you are driving. A professional can fix the chipped glass and help restores its structural integrity.

When your car's windshield is chipped, it can create a safety hazard if you continue to drive without having it fixed. While the chip itself will obstruct your visual field, the dirt and grime collected in the broken glass surface will worsen the obstruction. Also, since the glass's structure has weakened, it is more likely to shatter over time. Instead of continuing to drive while ignoring the damaged glass, take your car to a chipped windshield repair service to have it restored by professionals.

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