Home Additions That Make For A Good Resale

5 April 2023
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If you want to increase your home's value, certain additions can make all the difference. While most upgrades can add value to your home, some will provide more bang for your buck when it comes time to sell.

Here's a breakdown of some additions you might want to consider if you're considering selling soon.

Finished Basement 

A finished basement can add square footage to your total living space, which can increase the value of your home significantly when compared to homes without a finished basement. This extra square footage can also be used as an additional bedroom, a game room for kids, or even an in-law suite complete with its own bathroom and kitchenette.

Finishing your basement allows you to add updated features such as new electrical wiring, better insulation, and modern fixtures like energy-efficient windows and doors. These additions will make the area feel comfortable and inviting while also bringing up the home's overall energy efficiency, which is attractive to potential buyers.

Having a finished basement also allows you to create another area of livable space that has the potential to generate rental income if you choose to rent it out in the future. This will help boost your current income and the perceived value of your home since it increases its usable square footage even further.

Extra Living Room 

An extra living room can provide an additional area for entertaining guests, watching movies with the family, or simply relaxing after a long day of work. This space can help make your home appear larger and give you an area to decorate and showcase unique pieces of furniture or artwork that will stand out to potential buyers.

Having an extra living room also allows you to create a dedicated playroom for children or set up a small workspace where you can separate yourself from other parts of the house while still enjoying natural light throughout the day. This type of setup allows buyers to see your property as something more than just four walls and will create a memorable impression when they tour your home.

Finally, adding an extra living room can also open up possibilities for creating more bedrooms if needed by partitioning off part of the existing space, which adds even more perceived value when people are looking at your property during their search for a new home. 

These features may seem small, but they can affect how quickly and for how much someone decides to purchase your house when it's time to move on.

For more information about house additions, contact a local contractor.