3 Reasons Why A Contractor Should Build Your Family A Second Bathroom

21 March 2023
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So many things can be done during your home's remodel that can help you create a home that's more catering to your family, and that's to your advantage for so many other reasons. You should have a contractor taking care of your home's remodel to make sure the work is being done right and to help you avoid paying higher prices for materials. Also, when you have a contractor do the work, it can help you to prevent issues from happening with the warranties as well. One of the things you can have the contractor do during the remodel is to put in a second bathroom if your home currently only has one bathroom. Here are 3 ways a second bathroom can end up being to your family's advantage.

1: No more long lines in the morning

If you only have one bathroom in your home right now, then you may wake up each morning to find yourself standing in line to use the bathroom. Since people have to relieve themselves first thing in the morning, it can be difficult to stand there and wait your turn. Once you have a second bathroom put in by the contractor, you can relieve yourself in half the time as before that bathroom was put in. 

2: No more scheduling showers

If you only have one bathroom in the house, then your family may have to schedule everyone's showers. This is often done in homes with big families to make sure everyone is able to take a shower. Also, you may have to go around the house and make sure no one has to go to the bathroom before you shower when there's only one toilet for everyone to share. Once there is a second bathroom, you can just grab a towel and washcloth and take a shower whenever you want. If someone has to go to the bathroom while you're showering, they can just go use that second bathroom. 

3: Getting sick won't be made even worse

As if it's not bad enough to get sick, one thing that can make it even worse is to only have one bathroom in the house with a number of sick family members. Sometimes, when you have to go, you have to go right then. This can be especially true when you are sick with something like a stomach bug. If you have a contractor put in a second bathroom, then two people can be sick at the same time without it creating absolute chaos.

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