How To Keep A Bathroom Remodeling Project Fun

6 March 2023
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Bathroom renovation projects can be like any type of work. They can stop being fun very quickly, especially if some surprises come up. You should enjoy the bathroom remodeling process as much as possible, and here are some ways to keep things fun.

Play Around with Ideas Early

The planning phase is the right time to play around with ideas. Sketches and 3-D renderings make it easy to quickly pick and stick ideas into the plans. You can reject ideas rapidly and experiment with others. Even if you don't like and adopt an idea, it can be fun to see what might be possible. Also, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that something looks good and is feasible.

It is also wise to commit once you end the planning phase. Wrestling with changes once a project is rolling isn't fun for anyone.

Take Breaks

Planning a remodel can keep your brain engaged too much. Likewise, anxiety can kick in when the project goes ahead. People often have a tough time thinking about investing thousands of dollars into anything. The feeling only hits harder once contractors start pulling our cabinets and countertops. As you look at the mess, you can feel overwhelmed.

It is important to take breaks from your bathroom renovation. While you want to pay close enough attention that you're not surprised by the project's progress, you can't think about it every hour of the day in perpetuity. Many people even elect to take vacations while remodelers do the work, and then they just get updates by email. You don't have to go that far, but you'll benefit from letting your thoughts and feelings drift elsewhere for most of each day.

Build a Financial Buffer

Surprises can be unpleasant, and financial surprises count double. When you build your initial budget for the bathroom remodeling project, try to set aside at least 10% of the money as a buffer. This is money that doesn't go to anything. It is just there to cover an unexpected expense.

Suppose a bathroom hasn't had a remodel in literally half a century. The contractors pull the sink and cabinets out only to discover extensive water damage throughout the floor. It will make a major difference if you can use some of the monetary buffer to cover the additional repair costs. Taking the edge off these moments will keep your project more fun than scrambling to find the cash to fix an additional problem.

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