Three Places To Use Mirrored Wall Tiles

25 January 2023
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The right wall tiles can dramatically improve the look of any wall in your home, which is why it's important to take your time when you shop for the tiles that you'll use during a remodeling project. While you might primarily think of tiles being a solid color, spending some time browsing the samples at a local wall tile store can expose you to many other finishes. One style that you'll frequently find is wall tiles that are mirrored. They're available in different sizes, shapes, and even tints, and can be a good fit for select areas of your home. Here are three places to use mirrored wall tiles.

Entry Area 

While some people hang an actual mirror in the entry area of their home, using a few mirrored tiles on one of the walls can achieve a similar effect while offering a slightly different look. Consider choosing large tiles for this space. They'll reflect the natural light that comes in through the nearby windows, helping to make this part of your home feel bright and inviting. Provided that they're large enough, they can also serve the purpose of an actual mirror on the wall — giving your family members a chance to look at themselves before they leave for the day.

Behind A Bar

If you have a bar in your basement or elsewhere in your home, mirrored wall tiles can be a good option for this area. Many people enjoy having a mirrored look behind their display of bottles, and while you could use a traditional mirror, you can create more of a stylish vibe with mirrored tiles. Look for tiles in a unique shape — hexagonal, for example — and place them in a pattern that you feel will add visual interest.

Home Office

A home office is typically an environment that has a few silverish elements, such as your computer, various pieces of office furniture, and other electronic components. Given the presence of these silver hues, it can be useful to add some mirrored wall tiles because of how well they'll blend into the space. Some mirrored wall tiles next to a bookshelf can add a stylish look to the room while also helping to make the space feel larger — something that you might especially welcome if your home office is on the smaller side. Check out a selection of wall tiles by visiting your local supply store.