Maximizing Function And Flow: Tips For Designing A Family Room Addition

10 January 2023
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Designing a new family room provides you with the perfect opportunity to improve function and flow in your new addition. By combining form and function, you can create a warm and inviting space that makes your home more enjoyable.

Here are some tips for designing a family room addition that maximizes its function and comfort.

Choose the Right Layout

The layout of your family room should be tailored to suit your lifestyle needs. Think about how you will use the room. Will it be primarily used for entertaining guests, watching TV, or playing games?

If you are still planning the building of the room, you might consider creating a focal point, like a fireplace or window wall that can serve as a comfortable way to arrange furniture for conversation and flow.

Create Built-In Storage

Built-in shelving and cupboards can provide plenty of extra storage while still keeping the room looking neat and tidy. This is especially important if you have a large family with lots of toys, books, and other items to store.

Built-in storage can be incorporated into the design of your walls or furniture pieces. You might even add a new closet.

Consider Several Seating Areas

Having multiple seating areas in your family room encourages conversation and comfort. As you speak with your remodeling contractor, consider that you might want to divide the room into different seating areas.

This might involve installing a half wall. You can also opt for two seating areas separated by a few steps or even an island in the middle of the room.

Think About Adding a Wet Bar

Adding a wet bar to your family room can provide you with an extra area for entertaining or serving drinks. If space allows, consider adding a sink and some countertop space for a small refrigerator. This can make hosting parties and special occasions easier and more enjoyable.

Bring in the Natural Light

Take advantage of natural light from windows and skylights to make the most of your family room. These features can also bring in extra warmth and provide a nice view of your backyard or garden. This could also make your home more efficient and make the room more functional during daylight hours.

Contact a Remodeling Contractor to Plan Your Family Room Addition

When you are ready to start planning a family room addition, contact a remodeling contractor in your area such as Timberbuilt. They can help you design and build a comfortable, functional space. They can work with you to create an ideal layout for your lifestyle needs.