Hire Remodelers To Help With Expanding Your Family Bathroom

21 December 2022
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The family bathroom in your home may get a ton of use daily. The usage may increase when you have guests over because the family bathroom is likely the most accessible. However, you might find this room rather small and even feel cramped occasionally. A strategic solution is to hire remodeling professionals and work on expanding the bathroom.

Separating Features

A room expansion will allow you to separate features. For instance, you can split a bathtub and shower combo into individual features. This change can have an enormous impact because you may immediately improve your family's experiences with taking baths and showers.

An excellent example is that a walk-in shower will have more room to maneuver around. You can even add specific shower features, such as built-in storage or seating. A built-in seat can help your family when standing up for the entire shower length is difficult to do.

When you look at bathtub and shower combos, you may notice that the bathtub feature is often basic and shallow. Fortunately, installing a dedicated bathtub allows you to pick deep soaking models with built-in seating, making it easy to get comfortable and enjoy a full soak.

Expanding Capacity

Currently, you may have trouble fitting more than one or two people in the bathroom. A lack of square footage and existing features taking up space may reduce total capacity. Expanding the room is a reliable solution as long as you are not using all the additional space for new features.

A smart plan is to work with remodelers to determine what new features you want to add and how much more space you would like for your family to move around. Then, remodelers can determine how much space must be removed from nearby rooms to satisfy these demands.

Improving Functionality

Along with expanding capacity and separating features, you can improve functionality by adding new features and improving on existing ones. An excellent example is expanding a single vanity into a double one to fit in a second sink, a larger mirror, and additional storage. All these things make it easier for two family members to use the bathroom simultaneously.

The key is to figure out what your family lacks in the bathroom and then solve these problems through remodeling. For instance, you can go beyond expanding the vanity to increase storage by building a closet or floor-to-ceiling cabinetry within the bathroom.

Hiring remodelers is a great way to expand and improve your family bathroom. Contact a contractor for more information about bathroom remodeling