3 Decisions To Make When Selecting Granite Countertops

2 August 2022
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Granite counters may be an excellent fit for your home for several reasons. First, granite is durable, making it perfect for busy kitchens and bathrooms. Second, when searching for granite counters, you have many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from. The variety offered by granite makes it easy to find counters that suit your home. While granite countertops offer a lot, finding the right fit can still be challenging. Here are three decisions you will need to make when selecting granite countertops. 

Your Color Palette

Granite counters come in many colors and patterns, and if you don't know what your color palette is for your kitchen or bathroom, it can be challenging to select countertops. First, you need to decide on what your color palette will be for the rest of your space before selecting granite counters. Granite comes in various shades ranging from warm neutrals to vibrant jewel tones. Choosing granite counters that complement the other elements in a room is crucial.

How Much You Want To Spend

Another decision to make when selecting granite countertops is how much you want to spend. Having a budget ahead of time makes it easier to find countertops that won't break the bank. Granite counters vary in price depending on the quality of the granite, color, pattern, and what size granite counters you require. There are two prices to consider when choosing your countertops: the cost of the granite and the installation. Granite counters usually range between $40 and $100 per square foot. The installation labor for granite countertops typically falls in the range of $35 to $85 per hour. 

What Finish Works Best

When selecting granite counters, there's more to it than finding the right color and pattern. Granite finish also plays a significant role in how granite countertops look and perform. There are three finishes to consider: polished, honed, and flamed. Polished granite is an excellent option if you want a traditional look that's also easy to clean. Honed granite is a more matte option that works well for those looking for a modern look. Finally, flamed granite offers a rough finish that offers up a natural look to kitchen counters. 

If you are searching for granite countertops, there are a few decisions you will need to make. First, you will want to narrow down your color palette before choosing counters. Second, you will need to decide how much you want to spend. Finally, deciding on a granite finish is also crucial.  

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