Ideas For Your Bathroom Remodel

16 March 2022
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You have some very important decisions to make when you decide to remodel your bathroom. When you make the best choices, you will be very pleased with the final outcome. You will read about various choices you can make when you are having your bathroom remodeled and maybe get a better idea of what you want to do. Here's more on that: 

Consider the color scheme carefully

If your bathroom is smaller, then you should think about going with light colors. Dark colors in small spaces will only make them feel smaller. However, if you have a spacious bathroom, then you may want darker colors, especially for a master bath you are trying to keep cozy. One color scheme you may want to consider is burgundy and beige. These colors can be soothing, and they can work well with other types of decor, such as flower pictures. It also looks great with touches of gold, and this can make it fun to find small additions to class things up even more. 

Decide on the right sink set up

If you have a good amount of storage for the things you need for your bathroom, then you would be fine putting in a pedestal sink if you like this style. An added bonus is a pedestal sink can free up a lot of room in smaller bathrooms. If you could use some extra storage, then you will likely want a sink with a vanity. If you have a larger master bathroom you are remodeling, and you will be sharing it with your spouse, then a vanity with dual sinks may be best. This can be very convenient when you both have to get ready at the same time. 

Choose between a shower, bath, or both

When you are remodeling your bathroom, you have the ability to change out the set-up you currently have if you want. You can go from a tub to a shower, or have a tub put in and forego your current shower. You can also go with a tub and shower combo. If you usually shower, but you would like an occasional bath, then the combo would be best. If you have a large bathroom, and you prefer showers, you can choose from so many designs. Something to think about is going with a gorgeous glass shower, or you can even go with an open shower with a nice rain shower head. A contractor from a place like Midwest Bath Company can give you the bathroom you want, so let them know what you would like.