Kitchen Renovation Guidelines For An Older Home

25 February 2022
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If maintaining the historic character of your home is important to you, your kitchen renovation plans should reflect upon this. There are some variables associated with the construction of an older home that may necessitate specific renovation steps. Consider how the following information could affect your remodeling project.

Painted Surfaces

Your remodeling contractor can aid with the removal and replacement of wall coverings. You may initially think that large surfaces can be upgraded, simply by cleaning them and adding a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper. Old homes may require some more preparation steps.

For instance, if your kitchen contains wallpaper or paint, a contractor may perform a lead test. Upon removing any paper that is covering the kitchen's walls, the painted surfaces will be assessed. If lead is present, measures will need to be taken to conduct lead abatement. Afterward, walls will be cleaned and covered with the products you chose for the renovations.

Plumbing Variables

Old farmhouses and other classic home styles may feature large sinks and galvanized plumbing. Due to the possibility of galvanized plumbing becoming rusted, a remodeling contractor may advise you to choose flexible or rigid pipe sections that are constructed of plastic or non-corrosive metal material.

If the current sink is bulky in size, you can choose a more modern sink style that is sleeker. The addition of a countertop that surrounds the sink will fill in space where the original sink is currently located. The plumbing pieces that are connected to the sink may be wider in diameter than plumbing components that are more modern. Adaptors, fittings, and other plumbing accessories can be used to upgrade your home's plumbing.

Classic Accents

Rich wood or stone that covers parts of the walls and flooring within the kitchen may be reminiscent of a particular time period. These classic accents are what give your home character and make it look vastly different than newer homes that were built with inferior products.

Consulting with a remodeling company about classic materials will help you choose ways to remodel the materials without detracting from the traditional beauty of them. Flooring and molding can be stripped, sanded, stained, and sealed. By choosing to retain some of the original materials within your kitchen, there will be less disruption during the remodeling process. You may also incur cost savings that will help you keep your residential kitchen remodel project within budget.