Reasons To Install A Granite Kitchen Countertop

9 February 2022
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Installing a countertop will give your kitchen the classic new look you want to achieve. However, you need to decide on the best countertop material that meets your aesthetic and functional needs while offering the best value for your money. Granite is a popular choice for most owners and for a good reason. Below are reasons why you should consider installing a granite countertop in your kitchen.

Affordability and Durability

While granite countertops are slightly more expensive compared to other countertop material, it is a cheap investment compared to their durability. The main factor affecting the price of granite is the slab's thickness. The thicker the slab, the higher the price.

Granite is resistant to scratching. Given the frequent use of countertops, it can withstand years of regular use and scratches on the surface. However, you should always use a chopping and cutting board to extend its longevity when dicing or slicing food.

Natural Looking and Child Friendly

Granite stone has unique and natural patterns that cannot compare to other materials. After polishing, granite's beauty is impossible not to notice, and the patterns can dress up your kitchen to match your kitchen's design. As the sun rays hit the granite countertop throughout the day, your countertop will change its appearance since lighting reflects on the granite's crystals.

If you have young ones who like to lend a hand in the kitchen, you don't need to worry about messes, spills, or stains on your granite countertop. Granite is stain-resistant, making it kid-friendly. You can now have those cooking lessons you have been waiting to start with your little ones.

Resistant to Heat and Moisture

Besides being stain resistant, granite is also resistant to heat and moisture. During polishing, granite undergoes rigorous testing under pressure and high heat. This makes it heat resistant. So, you can comfortably place hot pots from the stove on the countertop without worrying about damaging or scorching it.

Additionally, granite countertops are moisture resistant. Although it is porous, the countertop is sealed with a sealant that prevents the granite from soaking water, etching, or staining. Nonetheless, you need to remember to reapply the sealant as recommended to maintain high-moisture resistance.

Get Professional Kitchen Granite Counter Installation

As trends come and go, granite countertops remain a sought-after and one of the first countertop choices for most homeowners. While it is a costly investment that you may need to think about for your kitchen renovation, granite is highly durable. It will outlive other countertop materials you may be considering. 

If you are considering granite countertops, contact a kitchen remodeling contractor today.