Three Ways To Give Your Bathtub A Style Upgrade

19 January 2022
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The bathtub is the focal point of your bathroom, and giving it a style upgrade can make the whole room seem fresh and new. There are lots of different ways to make over your tub to create an updated look, so use the following ideas as you talk to your remodeling contractor about your tub remodel project. 

Refinishing And Reglazing

You don't have to replace the entire tub to remodel this area of your bathroom. Your remodeling contractor can refinish your existing tub to add a bright look and update an outdated tub. Refinishing is ideal for colored tubs, which can make the decor look old and even worn. You can choose from a variety of colors and finishes, from classic white to soft gray or ivory. If you have a white tub with stains, hard water marks, or other imperfections, consider reglazing to eliminate the unsightly spots and brighten your bath. 

Bathtub Panel Tiles And Molding

One way to add visual interest to the room is to tile the exposed bathtub panel. The tile can be selected to match the walls in the tub to create a cohesive built-in look and add a bit of spa style to your space. You can also choose a contrasting tile to add a focal point to the room. Subway tile or stone-look tile designs can be great for giving your tub a style update, but you can also add molding and decorative trim to match your vanity and other decorative elements in the room. Work with your contractor to determine which option coordinates with the overall design aesthetic to create a truly special finishing touch. 

Bathtub Nooks

Of course, remodeling your bathtub area doesn't mean you'll only want to stick to the tub itself. Adding recessed nooks to the walls around your tub provides space for storage, keeping bottles of soaps and shampoos away from the tub ledges for a clean appearance. Nooks can also be used to house candles for relaxing baths or decor items to complete the theme in the room. If your tub has no shower, the nooks can be placed just above the top of the tub line for easy reach. For tubs with showers, consider nooks at varying heights so you can reach items whether you're bathing or showering. 

Tile Surround Update

Updating the tile in the bath surround adds a unique and fresh look to the room. You can opt for a single tile design, but remember you can also play with colors and patterns to add depth and dimension to the room. A tile border in a contrasting tile about halfway up the wall can add an upscale look, and mosaic tiles let you add ornate designs to the walls around your tub. Be sure to discuss the different type options with your contractor and keep upkeep in mind before you settle on a tile design. You'll need to clean the grout between tiles regularly, so larger options might be better for a frequently used tub, such as those in a home with a single bathroom. 

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