Radiant Heat: A Smarter Way To Heat Your Home

1 December 2021
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Have the option for what kind of heating system you want in your home? Look no further than radiant heat. Here are some reasons why it is a great way to heat your home.

Comfort Benefits

Chances are that you are accustomed to forced air heating due to it being incredibly common in homes. Some rooms tend to be hotter than others, depending on the type of airflow the room is receiving. If you sit next to a vent, you may feel much hotter than if you sat at the other end of the room. These are not problems with radiant heat. 

In-floor radiant heating works by installing water pipes underneath the floor that travel across the entire room in a grid. This allows the heat to be distributed evenly, no matter what part of the room you are in. Heat rises from the floor. As the heat rises and cools down, it goes across your body. This means that the coolest part of the room is the ceiling, which is the wasted space where forced heat tends to go immediately. With radiant heat, you end up with warm feet, a cooler head, and more comfort. 

Energy Efficiency Benefits

You may not realize how much energy a forced air heating system wastes compared to radiant heat. This is because hot air loses its temperature very quickly. As soon as a forced air furnace turns off, the temperature of the room starts to drop immediately. It soon needs to be turned back on to keep the room at a consistent temperature. 

Water actually retains its heat quite well. This allows the hot water to stay in the pipes beneath the floor for a longer period of time without more energy being needed to heat it back up. You'll find that your energy bills are lower in the winter as a result. 

Health Benefits

Forced air heating options move a lot of air around in your home, which means all that dust and allergens move with it. This is not a problem with forced air heat, which does not move the air at all. You'll find that a radiant heat system is much healthier for keeping the air that you breathe clean since you don't have air disrupting all of the dust that has settled on surfaces. 

Reach out to a heating specialist to learn more about your options for a heating system.