Addressing Misinformation About Mold Cleanup

17 February 2021
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Most homeowners encounter mold growth at least a few times. Sometimes this is not a big deal; you wipe it up, and you're done. Other times, you need to call a mold cleanup professional for a bigger job. In any case, though, you should know the truth about mold and mold cleanup. Here are some statements that sometimes get tossed around about the subject that are simply not true.

Statement: All black mold is toxic and alarming.

There is a species of black mold called Stachybotrys that is incredibly toxic. However, it's also pretty rare. There are many other species of black mold that are far more common, and although they may cause allergic reactions and some irritation, they're not deadly or overly scary. If you come across a small amount of black mold, you can clean it up yourself. If it's a larger amount of mold, you can call a mold cleanup company; regardless of the mold's color, this is an important step. 

Statement: Once the mold is cleaned up, you're finished.

Whether you clean up the mold or a professional cleans up the mold, that's the end of the story, right? Unfortunately, not. Mold grows when the conditions are warm and wet. Even after you clean up the mold, if the area remains warm and wet, the mold will soon grow back. So, your mold cleanup efforts need to be followed up with efforts to dry out your space. This may mean fixing a leak, running a dehumidifier, plugging a hole, or leaving some containers of silicone desiccant open. If you hire a mold cleanup team, this is usually part of their plan, which is yet another reason to rely on pros for mold cleanup.

Statement: Mold is always easy to spot.

Homeowners often assume that if they don't see any mold, they don't have any mold. But actually, they might have a mold problem in hidden places. You may not see it until it is growing out of control. If you are dealing with symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, or nausea in your home, there is a good chance you do have mold hiding somewhere. A mold remediation team can come find it and take care of it.

Hopefully, now that you've read this article, you know a bit more about mold and mold cleanup. While it's a common problem, it's one that can be dealt with easily if you know the basics.