Brighten Up A Dark Kitchen With The Right Remodeling Work

5 January 2021
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Giving your kitchen a big update could be a goal of yours when you're disappointed with the way that it looks and how dark it feels. Not only can a dark kitchen make cooking more difficult, but a dark kitchen can also mean that you feel less inclined to spend time in the kitchen.

If you're interested in having remodeling done to brighten up your kitchen and are curious about the updates that you can make, the following projects can be considered.

Find Ways to Add More Light

Adding more lighting to your kitchen is one of the most obvious ways to update the space, but it can be difficult to determine where lights can be added and what will be the most effective at brightening the room. Undercabinet lights can be a modern way to add some soft lighting that can be ideal in the evenings and can be installed affordably.

Pendant or recessed lights in the middle of the kitchen can be ideal for brightening up your kitchen considerably and giving it an entirely new look that you'll enjoy without it feeling too distracting for the other features in the kitchen.

Use Lighter Paint or Staining

Dark colors can add a unique look to your kitchen but could come with the drawback of making your kitchen feel uninviting or small. With brighter colors and keeping the cabinetry light with the right paint or staining, you can make the kitchen feel a lot more open and avoid a situation where your kitchen could feel cramped.

Avoid a Cramped Kitchen Layout

As you look for updates that you can make to your kitchen, you can have a much easier time getting the kitchen to turn out the way that you imagined by focusing on the layout. If the layout in your kitchen feels closed-off with a large island in the center blocking the flow or counters with edges that stick out, you can make some adjustments with the advice of a contractor to help open everything up and give your kitchen an open appearance.

Remodeling your kitchen can come with some unique challenges when your main goal is to make it feel bright and open. Instead of being disappointed with how dark your kitchen is and it getting in the way of enjoying entertaining friends or cooking more at home, the above updates can be done with a remodeling contractor and help add the light that's important to you. Reach out to a professional to discuss your kitchen renovation