4 Creative Places To Put Storage Cabinets In The Bathroom

29 September 2020
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Bathroom cabinets aren't usually known for their innovation, but if you have a tiny living space or just want to make the most of all the room you have, you sometimes have to get creative. Here are some creative ideas for places to add cabinetry to your bathroom during a remodel.

1. Above the Shower

While cabinets above the toilet may be more typical, storage above the shower can also be a useful feature if ceiling height permits. You'll want to design this feature carefully; don't use a material that's especially sensitive to moisture (such as particle board), for example. A moisture-resistant material is essential because of all the steam a shower creates.

But once you've installed a cabinet or shelf above your shower, you'll wonder what you ever did without one. After all, what could be more convenient than simply reaching up to access a clean towel after a shower?

2. In the Ceiling

If you're dealing with a severe lack of space (such as in a tiny home), you may need to look even higher for your storage solutions. One example is custom-building cabinets or shelving units that drop down from the ceiling.

These will need to be designed with the height of your ceiling in mind; for instance, you may need a pull cord if your ceiling is high. The really clever thing about these cabinets is that since they're stored in the ceiling, they use space that wasn't even in the room originally.

3. Above the Door

Your bathroom door may have a foot or two of space above it where you can install a small cabinet or shelving unit. You may need to have one custom-made, depending on the amount of space available there. But either way, this can provide an easy way to use space that would otherwise be wasted.

4. Behind the Door

While not as innovative as keeping cabinets in the ceiling, installing a behind-the-door cabinet can help you make the best use of that small triangular space that's usually not used for anything. This can be a real boon, and can provide additional storage without making the room look smaller. You probably won't even be able to see the cabinet from the doorway.

As you can see, bathroom cabinets aren't limited to under-sink and over-toilet cabinets. You can also keep your cabinets in more unusual locations or even store them out of sight in your bathroom ceiling. These tactics can help you access a lot more storage space for your bathroom necessities.