When Should You Get Your Home's Windows Replaced?

21 July 2020
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If you are a homeowner, you have many maintenance and repair tasks to think about on a day to day basis. One of the elements of your home you may not give too much thought to regularly is your windows. The windows are an important part of your home. They are also an area where energy transfer can occur. This means that hot or cold air could get in through leaks and other issues with older windows. Get to know some of the major signs that it is time for a residential window replacement. Then, you can contact a window contractor if you notice any of these signs in your home. 

You Can Hear Everything Outside

One sign your windows need to be replaced is if you can hear everything that is going on outside of your house. You are not supposed to be able to make out entire conversations of people walking by. You shouldn't even hear them unless they're yelling. If you can hear everything going on outside, you likely have small leaks and gaps around your windows which are allowing that sound to get in. This means air can travel through those gaps as well, affecting your heating and cooling systems and your energy bills. 

If you are spending your time at home listening to outside noises, get a residential window replacement. Sound insulation is one of the many benefits of high-quality new windows. 

You Notice a Draft

If you have a draft around your windows, you have a problem. Air should not be blowing through your windows and into your home. They should be sealed airtight when closed. As such, a draft around the windows calls for window replacement as soon as possible. Again, this airflow through your windows can affect your energy bills and overall make the home less comfortable than it otherwise could be. 

You Can See Gaps in Your Windows

A major indication that you need residential window replacements is if you can see gaps in your windows. If, for example, your window is closed but you notice a small sliver of light shining through between the window sill and the window, your windows have warped and no longer properly fit in the frame. This means your windows are leaky and that they need to go. 

Knowing these signs your windows need to be replaced, you can call a residential window replacement company right away if any of these issues apply to your home.