5 Kitchen Design Rules To Live By When Designing New Cabinets

15 July 2020
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When you need new kitchen cabinets for your home, there are a lot of choices. You will want to choose the style, color, and finishing touches. There are also some rules to follow when designing your kitchen cabinets. The following design rules will help you with kitchen renovations:

  • Make Sure Cabinets Meet Codes—In different areas, there are different standards for the cabinets installed in kitchens. Some of the things that may affect the cabinet design include:
    • Height
    • Materials
    • Hardware
    • Mechanical installations

Make sure that your new cabinets and anything that is installed on or near them meet current code standards.

  • Choose the Right Cabinet Materials—There are different materials that cabinets can be built with. Some of the materials that can be used include wood, synthetic composites, and particle-board with finished exterior surfaces. Choose cabinet materials that work with the rest of the architecture inside and outside of your home. This means wood and more traditional materials for conventional home designs, and metal or synthetic materials for modern architecture.
  • Hardware Features with Timeless Design—The hardware that gets installed on cabinets is also an important feature when it comes to design. You want to make sure to use hardware that is not too trendy, but more simple and timeless. If you are doing a more modern kitchen cabinet design for contemporary renovations, go without hardware for a cleaner, sleeker look.
  • Choose The Extra Features For Kitchen Cabinets—There are also extra features that you are going to want to consider for your kitchen cabinets. Some of these features can include things like a breakfast nook with seating, or a dining table area that extends from the kitchen. Choose the extras in your kitchen wisely, but do not leave them out.
  • Keep New Cabinets Simple with Fewer Extras—Extra features for your kitchen cabinet design can quickly clutter up this space. Therefore, you may want to choose fewer units. There are areas where you want to consider alternatives to keep the space open. One of the options that you may want to consider is to install matching open shelves instead of cabinets. You can also talk to the cabinet service about options for lighting and glass doors. These features can make your kitchen feel less cramped.

These are some cabinet design rules to live by when designing the cabinets in your kitchen. If you need help with renovations to your kitchen design, contact a cabinet service like Olson Cabinets & Woodworking Inc to start planning the layout.