4 Reasons To Add More Counter Space In Your Kitchen With Remodeling

11 June 2020
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All it may take is a quick inspection of your kitchen to determine that it could benefit from some improvements. While you can take on a variety of projects, you should consider adding more counter space to the kitchen because it will come with several feature and quality upgrades.

Small Appliances

With limited counter space, you may feel like you are only able to display one or two small appliances in the kitchen before the countertop starts to look a little overcrowded. This is often due to a lack of overall countertop space, which you can resolve by expanding it considerably.

When you know that your family likes to use more than a couple of small appliances on a daily basis, you cannot go wrong with adding more countertop space to put these items on display.

This will make it easier and more enjoyable for your family to use the appliances when you do not have to take them out and put them away after usage.


Another reason why you may want to add more counter space is so that you can give your family more overall workspace. If you like to get your entire household involved with preparing and cooking some homemade meals, you may find that counter space can feel quite limited. Adding more makes it possible for your whole family to help with cooking without feeling overcrowded.


Adding counter space is something that you can do by extending the current countertop or installing an island in the middle of the kitchen. Fortunately, both options allow you to get more storage through cabinetry as you can add cabinets above and below the counter along the wall.

For the island, you can still look forward to getting more cabinetry below the countertop, which can give you a lot of storage space when you make storage a high priority feature-wise.


While more countertop space will give you more flexibility and functionality in the kitchen, you may find that you are also lacking in sink space. Although you can install a second sink along the countertop against the wall, you will find that this addition is perfect for a kitchen island.

If you do not want to invest in another sink, you can look forward to the counter space expansion giving you more than enough room to replace the current sink with a much larger one.

Adding more counter space can help you improve the kitchen in a few impactful ways. Contact a kitchen remodeling contractor for more ideas.