3 Projects To Fill Up Space In A Large And Open Kitchen

4 June 2020
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When you went house hunting, you may have prioritized large homes with spacious rooms. If you are now a homeowner and want to get more out of your sizable kitchen, you will find that hiring professional remodelers is likely your best bet because they can work on many projects.


Expanding the counters in the kitchen is a great idea, especially when you have plenty of empty space along the walls. This will also give you an opportunity to add more cabinets both above and below the countertops to gain more functionality and storage with this particular addition.

While installing new counters, you should consider whether you want to rearrange the appliances because you may want them to be in a different location. During this process is ideal since you can make sure there is enough room to fit in an oven or refrigerator in between. This is well worth considering when you are looking to replace existing appliances with larger ones.


If you have a dining room, you may not feel the need to add seating in the kitchen. But, you may want to add seating to this space because you have so much extra room to work with and making it possible for family and friends to sit in the kitchen can make cooking a lot more enjoyable.

This is when you will need to decide how you want to get seating in the kitchen. One option is building an island that incorporates all the seating that you might want or need. You can also go with a built-in bench or booth that provides the kind of seating that you see in restaurants.


Extending the countertops will naturally lead to more storage space for your family, but you may want to consider other ways to add storage. For instance, you can add a built-in pantry that provides a ton of storage space while also keeping everything concealed behind a door.

Along with being able to get seating from an island, you should have no problem adding customized storage to the kitchen through this addition. With a custom island, you can opt for the typical closed cabinets or even go with open shelving that allows for quick and easy access.

If you want to fill up space in a large kitchen, you should think about taking on some of these projects and work with remodeling professionals to achieve your goals.

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