How To Add Some Interest To Your Roofline

19 May 2020
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Curb appeal isn't everything when you're a homeowner but it is definitely a lot. When you have good curb appeal, your house is going to look more inviting, and it may end up being something that you're that much prouder of at the same time. If you have a roofline that's flat or just looks uninteresting, one of the best ways for you to bring your home's curb appeal to life is by making a few changes with the help of a roofing contractor. 

Add a Covered Porch

If your house is a 1950s ranch-style house that looks just like a rectangle box, then it probably lacks a lot of interest. One of the best ways for you to bring it to life and to add more character to it is to have a roofer build a small pitch out from your roof that covers your porch. This small change can make a big impact on how your house looks overall. All your roofer will need to do is build out from your current roofline so that it extends over your porch. then, you can have another type of contractor cover the front part of that roof. 

Add a Pitch

When a home doesn't have a pitch, it can give off that ultra-chic modern vibe or it can give off a vibe that looks anything but chic. If your home isn't modern and doesn't have a roofline, then it's going to lack a lot of curb appeal. Typically, a roofing contractor can come out to your house and determine whether or not they can pitch it. Depending on the structure of your home overall and a few other factors, they may determine that it's too weak or that they can do it. If they can do it, they will tear off your existing roof completely and then build up a pitch from the roofing trusses. After the roof is pitched, they will then be able to apply a sublayer and shingles. 

When your home's exterior lacks a little bit of dimension, it can make the whole thing look uninteresting. Luckily, by working with a professional roofing contractor, they can do a couple of things to add more interest to it overall. To learn a little bit more about these and other roofing updates, reach out to a roofing contractor in your area. Feel free to ask them about how they think you could increase your curb appeal.