3 Cost-Saving Tips for Updating a Bathroom in a Rental Property

26 March 2020
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When you own a rental property, you need to make sure that it stays modern and welcoming for your tenants. If you are curious about small but effective bathroom updates, here are just three to consider. They could potentially save you money long-term.

1. Prioritize Low-Maintenance Features

The last thing you want to do when you have a rental property is having to ask for too many maintenance appointments. Instead of needing to spend a ton time taking care of features that can be demanding, it's smart to see which features are going to be low-maintenance and how they can make a difference in how much time you take fixing things in your units. This means opting for more quality features that aren't going to require frequent repairs and other work to stay in the best condition.

2. Consider Water and Electricity Usage

Reducing the cost of utilities is a good idea when you have tenants that are either going to be paying for the utilities themselves or you're going to handle this kind of service for them. Take a look at how much water and electricity your tenants will likely be using with the fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. This can help you find ways to save money and avoid issues where the fixtures are bad for the environment due to their water consumption. While it can be a big investment to get these kinds of new features put into the bathroom, it can also help add a lot of value to the rental property.

2. Look Into Both DIY and Professional Work

As you get ready to make updates to the rental property and you're concerned about spending money, it's smart to look into both the DIY work and professional help that you can get. By making sure that you hire a professional for some of the more necessary work that can be demanding and taking care of smaller projects on your own, you'll likely be able to keep the cost much more reasonable.

With the intention to remodel the bathroom in a rental property, there are a lot of features you can look for that can make a difference in how it turns out and whether your tenants will be satisfied. With the above tips, it should be much easier to find the right projects that you handle. Contact companies like Inspire Baths for further assistance.