3 Ways To Personalize The Drawers In Your Remodeled Kitchen

24 March 2020
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Modern homeowners have more choices when it comes to kitchen remodeling than ever before. And the ability to customize the cabinetry means that you can personalize your storage spaces in ways that maximize whatever you really need from your workspace. How can you personalize the drawers in your new kitchen? Here are a few key steps.

1. Lay Out Utensils

Rather than simply create a square or rectangular box in which to keep kitchen utensils, you can now personalize the individual holders and have them built-in.

Note the sizes and shapes of well-used utensils and create a diagram on paper for an organization style that makes sense to you. The style and shapes of individual units within the drawers are completely up to you. But with your customized slots, you can keep knives in their best shape, ensure your favorite tools are handy or organize large amounts of entertaining cutlery.  

2. Consider Large Drawers

Many people think of drawers only for things like utensils or linen storage in the kitchen. But large, deep drawers can keep large items like pots and pans better organized as well. Deep drawers that pull out completely are an excellent way to store bigger items in a way that keeps them out of sight but easily accessed. You might want to replace some of your current shelf plans with deep, oversize drawers instead. 

3. Look for Odd Spaces

Few kitchens fit perfectly into standardized plans, particularly if some walls or doors cannot be moved. This often leaves unused or ill-used space that goes wasted in the renovation scheme. Today's customized cabinetry, though, means you can personalize your shelves and drawers to make the best use of any space no matter how odd.

Have a narrow space to fill? Make a spice drawer or use it for overflow cutlery. Stuck with an odd corner? Install a triangular pull-out drawer instead of trying to use two competing drawers that would bump into each other. Do your base cabinets not go quite to the floor? Consider adding shallow kick drawers to reclaim the space at the bottom. 

If you look at your drawers with a fresh eye, you're sure to find new and inventive ways to use them. This added flexibility will give you the chance to better design your organization plan, take advantage of all available space, and make everything more easily accessed. Want to learn more about drawer options? Get in touch with a custom home kitchen remodeling service today.