3 Reasons To Skip Modern Replacements And Instead Repair Historical Doors

24 March 2020
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Do the doors to your historical home leave much to be desired? Many homeowners seek to improve the look and energy efficiency of an old house by replacing those old, rusty doors with modern lookalikes. But should you? The answer is often no. And here are a few the budget-friendly and forward-thinking reasons why.

1. They Were Made to Last

Structural elements made before the mid-20th century were usually hand-made by professional craftsmen. They were made from good-quality materials, and woods were solid all the way through. Doors made during these times were designed to last — much more so than today's modern veneers and hollow-core doors. If you have yours repaired correctly, it will last for decades more. 

2. They Are Part of History

The beauty and value of a historical home is in those parts that have been there throughout the years. This is your home's history, and without that continuity from the past, it's just as generic as many modern homes.

When you remove any individual element that was original — or nearly original — you lose a piece of that history and cannot reclaim it. All future owners lose that part of history as well. This effectively robs others of the chance to enjoy the home's complete heritage, and it may undercut the value of the house when you choose to sell it. 

3. Modern Parts May Not Fit

Handmade doors and frames, as with many other parts of a historical house, are often one-of-a-kind. When homes were built to individual standards, the idea of standardized parts is not something you're going to find very often in both structural and individual elements. 

This means you may work extra hard and spend unnecessary amounts of money or even change the home's structure in order to fit modern replications into it. You may even find that it works out less expensively to pursue the repair of existing materials than cheap modern-day replacements. 

No matter what it is about your historical structure that appeals to you in particular, protecting it is undoubtedly important. Even though they are often more work than modern houses, old homes are valued for their individuality, their solid workmanship, and their long and interesting history. And by choosing to have items repaired whenever possible, you contribute to the home's overall story.

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