Awesome Features To Look For In Bathroom Cabinets

22 March 2020
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Bathroom cabinets serve the important function of holding your towels, soaps, washcloths, and other essentials. But the best bathroom cabinets do more than this. They are designed in a way that not only makes them easy to use, but also makes them beautiful. Here are some lovely and convenient features to look for in bathroom cabinets.

Soft-Close Hinges

The "bang" of a cabinet door is not a very relaxing sound to hear when you're trying to get ready for the day or turn in for the night. With soft-close hinges on your cabinets, you never have to hear these bangs. This type of hinge grabs the cabinet door when is it almost shut, and then shuts the door the rest of the way with a gentle, non-banging motion. 

Lattice Doors

Many bathroom items are made to be beautiful. For example, you probably buy washcloths in colors that match your bathroom. Soaps often come in fun shapes or in colorful squirt containers. Lattice doors on some of your bathroom cabinets would allow passersby to see what the cabinets contain. Your beautiful items should not have to be kept hidden behind closed doors! Still, the lattice offers enough support to keep items protected and contained inside the cabinet.

Towel Slots

A towel slot is basically a pair of vertical pieces of wood placed inside your cabinet. The two pieces of wood basically create a slot. You can roll up your towels and place them within the slot. It keeps them neat and tidy, since they can't fall down and unroll. If you have a larger family and more towels, then you may want to include several towel slots. You can even have some narrower ones put in for your hand towels and washcloths.

Adjustable Shelves

Look for cabinets that have shelves you can move to a higher or lower level. This way, if you buy a bottle of shampoo or soap that is too tall to fit under a shelf, you can just move that shelf up. Adjustability makes cabinets so much more usable. Generally, the shelves just sit on little prongs, and you can move them up or down by simply pulling them out and then pushing them back in. 

Bathroom cabinet makers are really beginning to innovate, and you should have no trouble finding lovely cabinets with these and other great features. Versatile cabinets make for a better bathroom experience.