4 Design Tips To Keep In Mind When Remodeling Your Bathroom

17 March 2020
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When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you need to think about both function and design. You want to design your bathroom in a visually appealing manner that has a good flow.

Hide the Toilet

When you walk into the bathroom, the first thing that someone sees should not be the toilet. It is common for the bathroom door to be left open, and the toilet isn't the most appealing thing to see when walking past a bathroom door.

If you want to have a visually appealing bathroom, put the toilet somewhere you can't see it with the door open. Perhaps on the wall where the door is located so you have to walk into the bathroom in order to see the toilet.

Think about what you will see when the door to the bathroom is open, as that is going to be the visual focal point for your bathroom. The vanity is a great visual focal point.

Don't Get Rid of Everything

When you remodel your bathroom, everything doesn't have to go. If you have well taken care of vintage items in your bathroom, you may want to consider leaving some of them in place.

What is old often becomes new again. If you have a cool looking vintage sink, maybe you leave the sink and replace the hardware for the sink. Think carefully about what items still look good in your bathroom and what items really need to go.

Think About the Lighting

Next, as you start to plan your bathroom, be sure to think about the lighting in the bathroom. You want to have multiple layers of lights in the bathroom. Your bathroom should have task lights, accent lights, and ambient light. You can even add decorative lights to your bathroom.

For example, maybe you want recessed lights over your bathtub or shower area. Then, you want more focused lights over the vanity to assist you with getting ready.

Perhaps you have some lights on the wall that are just decorative, and a small window to let in some ambient light. Layering the lights in your bathroom can make the space more functional.

When it comes to designing your new bathroom, place the toilet somewhere where it isn't the focal point when you open the door to the bathroom. Consider keeping vintage features that would work with your new design. Be sure to layer the lighting for a more functional bathroom.

For more information, reach out to a local bathroom remodeling service.