4 Slightly Different Ways To Think Of A Bathroom Remodel

16 March 2020
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When planning bathroom remodeling work, it's easy to focus on the straightforward items, such as performing a new bathroom installation or changing the tile. If you're hired a custom bathroom remodel contractor to tackle a project, you may want to look at the job a little bit differently. Here are four ways you can approach your renovation plans with a fresh perspective.

Low-Maintenance Design

Bathrooms that look like they came out of a magazine spread aren't always the easiest things to live with. Even the best designs have some flaws when it comes to dealing with maintenance. Some solutions include looking at options that generally demand less maintenance, such as using quartz countertops and metal fixtures made of brass or stainless steel. A glass shower door treated with an anti-spotting system can also be a difference-maker when it comes to maintenance.

The position of fixtures is also a maintenance issue. By doing a bathtub installation away from the wall, for example, you may make it easier to clean around the tub. Similarly, try to put cabinets in spots that'll allow you to maneuver through the bathroom when cleaning.

Energy Efficiency

Especially if you haven't upgraded a bathroom in the last decade or so, there's likely a lot of room to turn a renovation effort into a money-saver. For example, swapping out the existing lighting systems for units that use LEDs can put a major dent in the electric bill. Low-flow toilets have become very efficient in recent years, too. An aeration system for the faucets and showerheads will help with water consumption, also. You may also want to look at efficiency options for supplying hot water, such as a tankless water heater system.

Ergonomic Design

Older bathrooms have a lot of features that just don't fit perfectly with ergonomic principles. By performing a custom bathroom remodel, you can station things like towel racks, sinks, and countertops at levels that make sense for you. Likewise, eliminating some of the sharper corners that are common in many aged bathrooms will reduce the risk of potential injuries from hitting corners. Also, you can place the toilet paper roll right where it should be.

Additional Storage

Anyone who has ever tried to fully stock a bathroom knows how frustrating storage issues can be. You can use deep drawers in cabinets to maximize space, and recessed shelves can be built into walls. This will keep the design open and modern while also affording more storage space.

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