4 Kitchen Trends To Look For In 2020

13 March 2020
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Designing a kitchen is fun, but designing your dream kitchen is something that you may have fantasized about. To make sure that you get a kitchen that you will love and that you can grow into, there are a few different trends that you will want to consider. 

Trend #1: Double Islands

You may think that having one island is good, but then seeing people with two islands just makes your kitchen that much more usable Think of it this way: one of your islands will be your prep or cooking island where you do all of your cutting and cooking. Then, your second island will be where everyone gathers around while you're cooking to hang out, do homework, or just visit with you. 

Trend #2: Double Dishwashers

What's more frustrating than waking up in the morning and realizing that you didn't run the dishwasher the night before? Now you not only have to wait for the dishwasher to be done, but you now have to deal with a sink full of dirty dishes for several hours. What if you never had to deal with that problem again because you had double dishwashers? When you have a dishwasher installed on either side of your sink, they can both be connected to one central garbage disposal which makes everything run smoothly. Plus, you'll never have to worry about dirty dishes again (or at least until your next meal). 

Trend #3: Different Materials of Countertops

Having one type of countertop everywhere is a trend that's kind of fading. Nowadays, a lot of homeowners are putting different types of countertops on different surfaces. For instance, a lot of people will put granite countertops on the prep island along with a big butcher block on the side, then on the countertops that are on the perimeter of the kitchen, they will use something like marble. The look of having different stones and wood throughout the kitchen adds dimension to the home. 

Trend #4: Butler's Pantry

A Butler's pantry or a prep pantry is all the rage right now and is a great way for you to hide a lot of your cooking supplies and tools away from the rest of your kitchen. Initially, these types of pantries were designed for the help to cook in or butlers to prepare cocktails in, and then they would bring everything out to the kitchen. Nowadays, butler's pantries are used more as a really beautiful way to display all of your food, extra dishes, and kitchen appliances. Also, they will give you some more room to prep food in if you're having a big gathering at your house.