Countertop Fabrication Tips To Consider

12 March 2020
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Countertops are an especially important element in the kitchen, so without question you want to get this addition right. A large part of going about this process is knowing what to do when it comes to the countertop fabrication process. Here are a handful of tips to help you make the right selection.

Keep Your Mind Open

Always keep your mind open to the various possibilities. Often, homeowners will meet with a fabricator and have a very specific material option in mind. There is nothing wrong with having your mind made up, but it's equally helpful to leave the door open to some different possibilities. 

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to kitchen countertops, including natural stone and manmade selections. Bring a list of your top choices, but also bring some cabinet and flooring samples along with you. The fabricator can look at these samples and introduce you to some different material options you should also consider. 

Make Your Selection Early

Do yourself a huge favor and decide what stone you want to have your countertops fashioned in and have all the measurements completed before you begin the renovation or building process in the kitchen.

At certain times, stone availability might be limited or if you have a very large island or other countertop structure, it's possible that the fabricator might have to send off for such a large piece of stone. If you wait until you start the construction process, you might be left without countertops for a few weeks longer. Complete the step early to ensure the process goes as scheduled. Leave the fabricator with ample time to meet your needs.

Be Practical

Don't just go for what looks good — work with the fabricator to choose a countertop that will also be functional for your kitchen. For example, consider a family that wants marble countertops, but uses the kitchen as the place for cooking, craft time, entertaining, and anything else you can imagine.

Once they share this information with the fabricator, the fabricator will probably share just how easy it is for the marble to stain and recommend another material option like quartz or graphite. Remember, you are not required to follow the recommendation of the fabricator, but it's a good idea to be practical and at least listen to their expertise if you want a countertop that looks good and lasts. 

Make sure you keep these tips in mind as you begin the fabrication process for your kitchen countertops.