3 Ways To Make Use Of Extra Space In A Large Bathroom

10 March 2020
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When you bought your home, you may have known that you would be getting a large property with lots of open space in most rooms. While you can fill in space in the living room and bedrooms quite easily by setting up furniture throughout these rooms, you may find it a little more challenging to fill a bathroom. So, you may be dealing with a situation in which your large bathroom has a ton of open space and you might feel that it is not being utilized efficiently.

If you want to make your bathroom feel less empty while also getting more functionality, you will want to consider several remodeling projects that can help you take up a lot of space.


A bath and shower combination is excellent for a homeowner with a small bathroom because both features are in the same place. But, you will find it beneficial to separate the two when you know that your bathroom is large enough to accommodate them easily. This is when you can get creative with the shower to implement a lot of built-in storage and even a place to sit down.

Getting these two features with a walk-in shower while also making sure this feature gives you plenty of room to move around will help you meet or exceed your expectations.


Along with installing a dedicated shower, you will want to put in a bathtub. While looking at all your options, you will likely find small bathtubs that can fit into the smallest of areas. But, you should feel confident looking around at large models where you can stretch out and relax.

Whether you prefer a whirlpool tub that provides a constant stream of water through jets or you like the idea of a deep tub that you can relax and read a book in, you should have no problem finding a model that has everything you need when you have a large bathroom to work with.


While you can get storage for the bathroom by buying furniture that provides storage, you can look forward to a custom setup when you work with remodeling professionals. These experts can buy or build storage solutions that fit perfectly with your bathroom's layout to provide ample storage while also using up enough space until you no longer think the room feels empty.

If you want to utilize more space and get more functionality with your large bathroom, you should hire a bathroom remodeling company to help with everything.